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The #1 substrate with focus on biological safety and biological efficiency.

Experience Lush and Healthy Growth with Our Nutrient-Rich Substrate

If you’re looking for a substrate that can help you achieve lush and healthy growth, look no further than our nutrient-rich substrate! Our substrate is packed with optimal levels of nutrients, moisture content, and aeration, all of which promote healthy cell division, cell growth, and respiration. 

We take the safety of our product seriously, which is why we conduct rigorous testing on all our ingredients, down to the parts per billion, to ensure that only the cleanest and safest materials are used. Our substrate is also sterilized to ensure that only the desired organisms grow, guaranteeing lush and healthy growth every time.

Our locally sourced and tested manures ensure that our substrate is free of contaminants, which is why so many of our customers trust us to provide them with high-quality growing media

Our Manure Substrate Explained
  • Promotes healthy cell division, cell growth, and respiration
  • Provides optimal levels of nutrients, moisture content, and aeration for lush and healthy growth
  • Contains a full N-P-K spectrum for balanced nutrition
  • pH buffering from grape pomace ensures optimal growing conditions
  • Rice hulls increase aeration for healthy root development
  • Greensand provides high levels of iron, potassium, and Magnesium for strong and healthy mushrooms
  • Agricultural gypsum provides a calcium supplement for strong cell walls
  • Soft rock phosphate provides a great source of phosphorus, calcium, trace mineral, and carbon for food
  • Locally sourced and tested manures ensure a clean and safe substrate for your mushrooms
  • Sterilization ensures that your mushrooms grow without any unwanted organisms
In a nutshell

With our nutrient-rich substrate, you can feel confident that you’re providing your mushrooms with the best possible growing conditions. Our substrate promotes healthy cell division, cell growth, and respiration, which results in lush and healthy growth. You’ll feel satisfied and proud as you watch your fungi thrive in our substrate, knowing that you’re providing them with the best possible care.